Why Choose Us


Why are we Singapore’s favorite Parcel Forwarder?

  • International Shopping

Thousands of merchants, better prices, best shipping rates

  • Seamless Communication

Communicate with overseas merchants through our dedicated team of account managers.

  • No hidden costs & hassle-free

You submit your orders, we tell you the exact amount, you buy and we’ll do everything else for you.

  • Secure Payment

In a couple of clicks, an item can go from your cart to check out in a matter of minutes. We use a SSL encrypted checkout page to securely handle your personal information during payment.

  • Quality Assurance

We will check the quality of your orders and take photos of them for your inspection. Should you or we find them defective or damaged, we will seek for a free exchange or full refund.

  • Package Consolidation

We’ll help you repack your products securely so you can save on shipping costs. / Ship, discard, hold and bundle items as needed. Choose from various carriers, prices and transit times and track every item to your door.

  • Keep track of what matters

Choose to ship from a range of delivery options for your orders and keep track of what matters. We provide timely updates until your package reaches your doorstep.

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