Taobao Makeup For Under $10

To all you avid Taobao shoppers, I am sure you have thought of buying makeup from Taobao given the endless selections available! So we decided to cart out a full face of Taobao make up products under $10 and try it for you! Watch our video here and read on for our verdict and direct… Continue reading Taobao Makeup For Under $10


SGShop Giveaway 2018 Begins Tomorrow!

We’ve got something special installed for all of you! We have teamed up with 10 brands to bring you 10 giveaways over the course of the Great Singapore Sale from June to August! The first giveaway will begin tomorrow, the 1st of June. The final giveaway ends mid-August. Every week, there will be one giveaway… Continue reading SGShop Giveaway 2018 Begins Tomorrow!

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Smartshopping, because who doesn’t love shopping smart?

With our Smartshop feature, you can buy all sorts of items from China and only have to make a ONE-TIME payment. It's perfect if you would like to try purchasing items from China while apprehensive about using our other services. The shipping times are much faster too, since these are items we are more familiar… Continue reading Smartshopping, because who doesn’t love shopping smart?