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Inventions Made For Lazy People

Are you tired of watching the pointless lack of communication in Sweet Honey, Sweet Home? Or are you trying to force yourself to read a book but find your body automatically drifting towards your bed to lie down? This innovative product solves those problems. If you can't be sitting up while lying down, no worries.… Continue reading Inventions Made For Lazy People

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Hacks to get Cheap & Good Spectacles

If you're one of the 80% of Singaporeans who are blind as bats, you probably need spectacles. Unfortunately, spectacles are often quite pricey in Singapore. The most basic frame and lens will cost you almost $100. For more premium designs, it will definitely set you back by over $150. Luckily, many optical shops allow customers to… Continue reading Hacks to get Cheap & Good Spectacles

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Filling salad you can make at your office table!

The best thing? Everything is easy to wash because the processes required only include boiling and microwaving. Say goodbye to scrubbing pots. You will only need 5 items for this recipe. Romaine Lettuce Chickpeas Pasta of your choice. I'm using whole wheat pasta. Begedil (fried potato cutlet) Edamame Roasted sesame dressing (or whatever dressing you… Continue reading Filling salad you can make at your office table!

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Turn your vegetables into noodles!

Struggling with your New Years' Resolution to eat healthier? Let me introduce you to zoodles - a blending of zucchini and noodles. It's a revolutionary way of replacing your carbs from pasta with a nutrient-packed and low-calorie alternative. And it is also vegan! An inclusive choice for your vege friends. Zoodles are all the rage amongst healthy food bloggers.… Continue reading Turn your vegetables into noodles!

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Introducing SGshop’s Korea Marketplace

Always wanted to rock the cool Korean street style or Ulzzang fashion but can never find suitable ones here in Singapore? Don't worry, because Introducing SGshop's newest Korea Buy-For-Me service! With this new service, you can purchase the latest and in-trend Korean fashion and cosmetic items! All items are a 100% shipped directly from Korea,… Continue reading Introducing SGshop’s Korea Marketplace