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How to save time when buying from Taobao

Normally, when you want to buy certain items on Taobao, you have to save the Taobao URL and enter that into the agent websites. Well, you can now completely do away with that process using our NEW FEATURE called Easy Cart! It allows you to browse Taobao and DIRECTLY add items into your SGshop cart.

Simply follow these steps to get the Google Chrome extension that will give you that feature. Start at

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Enjoy shopping on! Unlimited choices for you.

Why should you use the Easy Cart?

You can browse the unlimited options on Taobao and make full use of Taobao’s own search features. The SGshop site’s options are a little bit more limited as we manually code the listings from Taobao into our website. You can use Taobao to browse directly while still enjoy the services of SGshop.

Particularly with those who experience a language barrier with Taobao sellers, all you have to do is give us the URL and details of items that you would like to purchase. Our purchasing department in China will liaise with the sellers to help you buy the items. Think of it as asking your Chinese friend to help you make purchases because you can’t read Mandarin and you don’t live in China.

Many sellers also do not ship internationally, thus purchasing directly from Taobao may not be a viable option. We therefore recommend using SGshop’s logistical network to import your desired products into Singapore. We also provide additional services such as inspection, wooden crates, photographs etc., to ensure that your items arrive in good condition.

If you are in search for inspiration, check out our ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TAOBAO.

You may also contact us on Facebook should you have any inquiries. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.