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How to find the best deal on Taobao and other Vetements items

Don’t say I never say. Just click on the photo to go to the Taobao information page of the items listed below. You can read the reviews for a better idea. If you know how to naviagate Taobao, you are encouraged to compare the listing to other similar listings by clicking on 找同款。This searches for the exact item, though not always accurate.

Here is how you can find similar items on Taobao. Usually, if you are looking for brands that do not have a nativised Chinese name, you can just search in English.

Find similar

Or you can click on 找相似 on the right which searches for listed items that are exactly the same.

Find similar 2

After clicking on FIND EXACT 找同款, you will land on this page:

Found similar

If you clicked on FIND SIMILAR ITEMS 找相似, you will land on this page:

Found similar 2

It uses a keyword/image algorithm to find similar items. Unless it is a specialty store designed and manufactured by that one particular Taobao store owner, there will be other shops selling the same thing. In this case, since it is a Vetements-inspired product, there are plenty of people selling the same things.

Take your time to browse different listings as prices vary according to shop. Quality also differs as they may not be produced by the same manufacturer. Certain shops may have the exact same design at vastly different quality.

You can use this FIND SIMILAR feature for all items on Taobao, not only for clothing items. It allows customers to compare items, which makes Taobao one of the e-commerce sites of choice because it maintains a nice balance between customers and sellers, instead of blatantly favouring one. Competition is good for prices and innovation!

Now, onto the items. You may want to compare these items using the tips above. Click on the image to go to its Taobao information page.

5 June socks
About $6.60
5 June Aquarius
Comes in all 12 horoscope designs. Around $12.50. By the way, this shop also sells many clothing items as seen on K-Pop stars.

Want to dress like a K-Pop Star? Visit 李小花的屋

5 June Pieces
Same as the above, merely from a different seller. Comes in 12 horoscope designs. About $12.50 as well.

After you find an item you want, simply copy & paste the Taobao URL into the search bar on the SGshop website. You can add to SGshop cart and proceed as usual.

5 June paste here

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