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Hacks to get Cheap & Good Spectacles

If you’re one of the 80% of Singaporeans who are blind as bats, you probably need spectacles.

Unfortunately, spectacles are often quite pricey in Singapore. The most basic frame and lens will cost you almost $100. For more premium designs, it will definitely set you back by over $150.

Luckily, many optical shops allow customers to bring their own frames and only pay for the lens. But it can be challenging looking for a pair of good quality and stylish frames. Sure, the plastic frames from that one pushcart at Clementi is $5 or $10. But the design screams 1999 and the quality is nothing to rave about.

I took the plunge and purchased this pair of spectacles on Taobao. This was sometime around April 2017. It costed about $13, and around $15 with shipping.

3 June Specs

The quality is phenomenal. Even at the local optician, the quality of spectacle frames can be really poor. When I unwrapped the package, it came in a sturdy, faux leather box with extra screws and nose pads. The metal was solid, and when I flipped open the sides, it was well-built. Did not have the flimsy feeling of many spectacles out there.

Here is a photo I took of it.

3 June My Specs

My optician was surprised by the quality and even praised it! Anyway, I brought the spectacles to my neighbourhood optician and got the lens done in 20 mins. Price for the basic lens was $50. This depends on the options available and prices set by individual shops, so you may want to ask around for the cheapest price. There is a shop at Bukit Merah View that does this for ~$30, but it is a little bit out of the way and takes a longer time (because their business is so good).

The seller, KSMI, also has the option to customise the lens for you. It is a more affordable option for those that already know their degree and the needs of their eyes. Otherwise, I suggest just getting the frames and mounting the lens in Singapore.

Go take a look at their store. The designs are stylish and chic – this much variety is hard to find at a physical shop in Singapore. For your reference, $1 is around 4.5 yuan. Their items are mostly around 70 yuan or about $14.

3 June More Specs

This is just a small portion of what’s available on their site. I am recommending this store not as SGshop blog admin, but as a blind bat Singaporean who previously purchased from KSMI.

After you find a design you like, simply copy the URL of the web page from the top of the screen, and plop it into the search bar on the SGshop website. 10% off shipping for all UOB cardholders if you make payment via UOB.

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