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What shipping method should I choose?!

Due to safety reasons, certain items have to be shipped in a specific way. Please make sure to select a suitable shipping method for you items.

For items containing liquid, it has to be shipped via sea. We currently have 2 choices for sea shipping: normal and economy. You can see the breakdown of the shipping costs here:


Buy For Me Charge


Ship For Me

Example of items that contain liquid includes: perfumes, soaps, shampoos, facial masks, packet drinks, batteries, cosmetic products, and other skincare products.

For electronics, only sea shipping is available as it may pose a safety hazard in the aircraft. This includes: televisions, tablets, mobile phones, radios, laptops, computers, computer parts etc.

Do note that while sea shipping is generally costs less, the items are subjected to 7% GST. Please consider that when making your decision. For air shipping, parcels under $400 are not subjected to 7% GST, so you may actually save some money with air shipping instead.

We recommend air shipping for smaller parcels for clothing, jewelry, non-fragile household items, and other dry goods. Larger items such as furniture will be more suited to sea shipping.

If you have any general enquires or regarding parcel issue do call in to our hotline at +65 3138 9172 or email us at Do take note that email will take up to 2-3 days to replied due to high season. You can also message us on Facebook for general inquiries.