Taobao Makeup For Under $10

To all you avid Taobao shoppers, I am sure you have thought of buying makeup from Taobao given the endless selections available! So we decided to cart out a full face of Taobao make up products under $10 and try it for you!

Watch our video here and read on for our verdict and direct links to all the makeup we bought!

Let’s start with base makeup! For foundation, we bought the MayCreate Miracle BB Cream Cushion in the shade Natural. 


MayCreate Miracle BB Cream $3.76

HAHA MayCreate Miracle BB Cream. May Create Miracle. Geddit?

First impression, the BB Cream Cushion does look EXACTLY like the pictures and just like your regular BB Cushion. The MayCreate Miracle BB Cream Cushion was $3.76, AND it comes with a FREE REFILL as well as THREE SMALL SAMPLES to their other product. How insanely cheap and worth it is that?!  

The BB Cushion comes in 3 shades, Natural, Fair and Dark. Natural is the fairest shade out of the three, so make sure you choose your shade carefully!

bb cream.png

We bought the lightest shade and the BB Cushion blended fairly well. A lot of product got on the cushion with just a light tap into the cushion. However, we also noticed that the cushion gets rubbed off pretty easily, so we highly recommend that you use a primer before applying the cushion and to set it with a powder!  

Overall, we rate the MayCreate Miracle BB Cream Cushion a 6/10. For $3.76, this cushion is really worth a try!


CINNO Eyebrow stamp, $2.67

Next we tried the CINNO Eyebrow Stamp, which is supposed to help you get the perfect drawn eyebrows with just a stamp!

For this, there are three colour options. Dark coffee, light coffee and dark grey!


The item comes with 2 stamp stencils, one for each eyebrow, and the item in the middle is the eyebrow stamp itself.

Instead of just patting the stencil on the stamp, rub it on in order to make sure that the whole stencil is generously coated with the product before stamping it on your eyebrows. It takes a bit of practice before you get the hang of it, but the stamp actually coated the eyebrows pretty evenly, and the colour was very natural as well.

However, the downside to this product is that the eyebrow stencil only comes in one size, and not everyone has eyebrows of similar shape. However, you can maneuver the stencil around to make sure that your eyebrows are all coated with the product.

We rate this product at 9/10 because it is really fun to experiment and play around with it! Plus, it gets the job done with minimal effort.


NOVO dual eyeshadow stick, $2.66

For eye makeup we bought 2 products. The first one is the NOVO dual eyeshadow stick and this was amazing!!

It glides on really smoothly on the eyes and the individual layers are well pigmented. The colours go well together, this product really makes doing your eye makeup a breeze!! Just swipe it over your eyes and tada, you’re done!

We bought this product in #01 Peach but it comes in 5 other shades as well. If you are afraid that the individual layers may be too obvious, you can just take an eyeshadow brush to blend them around, and they blend really nicely as well!

Overall I would give this a 10/10 as it is really bang for your buck. Eyeshadow in one swipe and for $2.66? AMAZING.


The Balm eyeshadow palette, $5.60

Okay guys, this eyeshadow palette is the BOMB DOTCOM. It is really really REAALLYY identical to the legitimate In theBalm of Your Hand palette, but for $5.60?! On the top right is a cream cheek colour, on the bottom right is a lip colour! Beside the cheek colour is also a brow powder for you. This palette LITERALLY HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED! Great for travelling if you don’t wanna carry too many products!

The shadows blended like a dream as well and they are super super super pretty, we kid you not.

We rate this palette a MUST BUY/10 because not only is it super good, but it is super affordable, so it is really good for people who wants to experiment with eyeshadow and colours that would suit them without breaking the bank. Plus it is so portable!


Ainazi eyeliner, $4.20

Next we tried the eyeliner from Ainazi. Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. It is an adorable pastel pink to sky blue ombre effect that makes it look so irresistable.

The eyeliner isn’t the darkest of all eyeliner as the colour wasn’t extremely pigmented. However, there was still enough colour, making this suitable for those who are starting with eyeliner as it allows room for mistakes. The brush tip was also soft but not flimsy, so it doesn’t hurt your eyes while allowing you to draw your desired lines.

Though we did not manage to test out its claim to be waterproof, we did realize that it took more effort and strength to rub the eyeliner off even with makeup remover.

Overall, this eyeliner gets a 8/10 from us as it worked like a normal eyeliner, it just didn’t have a WOW factor to it.


Rilakkuma Kiss Kylie mascara, $2.18

This super cute mascara came with a Rilakkuma print on it. Just like the eyeliner, it has the same pastel pink to blue ombre effect. 

Unfortunately, this product didn’t work very well. It didn’t lengthen or volumize in particular, and the formula was very wet, while taking a long while before it dries. However, the brush is skinny, allowing you to brush through your lashes from the roots to its tips effectively. It is also suitable for the lower lashes. 

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend this and we rate it a 2/10, just because the packaging looks cute.


Laduree blusher egg, $8.44

For blush, we bought the Laduree blusher egg in Red. Though its price point is higher compared to the other products mentioned, we were hoping this blusher exceeds our expectations on packaging and performance, and it did!


The egg blusher looks super cute when it is capped, and is perfect even as a decoration piece to place on your vanity.

There are three colours available for this blush – pink, coral and red. With a light hand, this blusher egg gives a really natural flush. Don’t worry if you went too heavy handed though because this blusher blends really easily with a brush so you can buff it in nicely onto your skin for that perfect blushing look.

Plus point: This blusher egg actually smells like roses as well!!

So a 8/10 for looking so unique and pretty, works like a charm, smells like roses AND it is totally affordable! There is literally nothing stopping you from purchasing this product!


Novo Charm Face sticks, $5.67

For contour, we bought these Charm sticks that are also from the brand Novo. Novo is one of the most popular makeup brands on Taobao, so let’s see if it is really that good! You can find other shades of blushers as well as a highlighting shade if you are interested in similar sticks in the store.


We like that the product comes in a stick, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene issues and it makes application much easier. The contour stick allows you achieve that slimmer, sharper chiseled face in 30 seconds. It is also really convenient to bring out for touch ups as it does not take up much space as compared to compacts.

The shade we got was not too dark. The stick glided on nicely and and blended out to a nice soft brown! A 8/10 from us!


Koconi Co Pink Water Tint, $6.62

For the last step, we bought the Koconi Co Pink Water Tint. Yes, it also has the pastel pink to blue ombre effect, because we can’t seem to get over how pretty it is!

It’s $6.62, but for 2 lipsticks and you can mix and match the colours. The lip tint is available in 5 shades.

#01 – Heart Rose

#02 – Grapefruit Orange

#03 – Red

#04 – Pumpkin Orange

#05 – Red Bean

We bought the colour Heart Rose, and it was a super bright red colour that was really pretty. The formula actually isn’t very watery, so it is suitable for those who face the problem of watery tints not transferring well on the upper lip. However, this did an amazing job and the colour was super bright and pigmented.

This gave the lips a really nice tint and did not budge much with a regular makeup remover so an oil-based makeup remover or a lip makeup remover is highly recommended to fully remove this tint.

The lip tint smells like honeydew so that is definitely a plus point for it!

Overall this lip tint also gets A MUST TRY/10 as the price point is simply unbeatable, and the formula of the lip tint is suitable for almost anyone.


Purple unicorn brushes, $9.11

Lastly, a MUST HAVE in every girl’s makeup collection. This gorgeous set of purple unicorn brushes!

This is a set of 10 brushes – 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes, which is as perfect as a starter brush kit gets.

For a set of 10 at only $9, that’s LESS THAN A DOLLAR each. The bristles of the brush are marshmallow soft and dense, allowing you to pick up enough product on the brush and blending it is a breeze. 

This shop also sells different styles of unicorn brushes and they are all to die for! If you find 10 to be excessive, these is also also a set of 7.

One tip we swear by whenever we shop on Taobao for make up >>


When buying makeup from Taobao, there is always a risk that it might not be suitable for your skin. So we highly recommend filtering the makeup product by sales (销量), so you can see what others are buying and their reviews on the product! #GoodThingsMustShare