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VETEMENTS on Taobao?!

If you follow celebrities, you know that French-brand Vetements has been extremely popular. Their aesthetic is kind of cheeky street-style. You’ve probably seen their designs before, though you may not realise.

They popularised printing random non-glamorous brands onto their products, like the DHL t-shirt.

22 May DHL.PNG

And they sell this stuff for HUNDREDS, if not, THOUSANDS of dollars. Normal people ain’t got the money to splurge on marketing.

Fortunately, Vetements’ own popularity has spawned plenty of inspired-apparels on our favourite website – – for a fraction of the price! Best part is that you can just type “VETEMENTS” into the search bar. No need for intense research to find the right keywords that cannot be Google-translated due to being hip young people slang.

Not that the ones on Taobao are inexpensive, but they are definitely more affordable than buying from Vetements if you are interested in their designs.

This basic shirt with the branding for that elusive appearance of wealth.

22 May Vetements Black Tee.png

And this POLIZEI hat. I’ve seen so many wealthy Chinese tourists wearing this!

22 May Polizei.jpg

Walk along Orchard Road and you’ll see so many people wearing this shirt:



If you’re thinking that there is nothing particularly outstanding about these designs, you’re not alone. Plenty of people feel the same way, some criticising the studio for the “lazy designs”. How could they slap on a DHL logo on a t-shirt to make it look like a staff shirt, AND sell it for HUNDREDS of dollars when actual DHL delivery staff probably don’t have the financial ability to ever throw money at a shirt like that?! Not that they would anyway. Still.

There are others who don’t care. The coveted fantasy of wealth, luxury, and envy spurs the sales of such brands. After all, in marketing, perception is reality.

What do you think? Will you ever buy from studios like Vetements? Will you buy the inspired goods on Taobao?