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Smartshopping, because who doesn’t love shopping smart?

With our Smartshop feature, you can buy all sorts of items from China and only have to make a ONE-TIME payment. It’s perfect if you would like to try purchasing items from China while apprehensive about using our other services. The shipping times are much faster too, since these are items we are more familiar with.

Smartshop Poster 27 May 2

Everything from laptop sleeves, to mug, and from children’s clothes, to helpful kitchen gadgets, Smartshop has nearly everything under the sun that you might need. Prices are affordable as well.

Here are some of our favourites. Click on the photos to go to the respective information pages.

First off is this collection of pastel-coloured laptop sleeves made from PU leather. Sleek and light to protect your laptop while still being portable. If you have friends or family who are starting the tertiary education, this will make a great gift for them to carry their laptops around school. Its PU leather material makes it easy to wash. You can never be too prepared for some dingbat to bump into you and spill their Coke Zero all over your laptop case.

27 May Laptop Case Blue.jpg

These bags below are suitable for school. Large with zips and a smaller compartment inside to keep vital small items like your Ez-link card, keys, and some coins – all while looking chic! This particular one is from a local Chinese brand called FreeIn, so its not a random generic bag. I personally like these types. Great for artsy friends ⊂((・▽・))⊃

27 May FreeIn.jpg

This bag below is ocean-themed. So if you have any friends or siblings that love the sea and adventure and pastel colours, they might really like this. Comes with zip and a smaller compartment as well.

27 May Ocean bag.jpg

These tote bags are also great for people trying to reduce their plastic consumption. You can carry around spontaneously-purchased items since they are so huge! All without compromising stylishness.

Smartshop stocks many adorable ceramic mugs too! This mug comes with a cat-face cover that doubles up as a small bowl/cup as well. Absolutely perfect for storing little portions of snacks from the office pantry…as you say for the umpteenth time and clear out the pantry.

27 Cat Cup.jpg

For those that need a portable option, this water bottle reminds you to drink water. Would not want to faint of dehydration in this hazy “weather” condition, definitely. It’s also great to bring your own cup to buy Koi. It’s 560 ml capacity is more than enough to store a medium-sized Koi which is 500 ml. Kindly ask if the staff can store your drink in this instead of using a plastic cup °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

27 May 560ml.jpg

For those who have a lot of clutter on their tables, these table organisers are fantastic. Simple and classy. So you can declutter and maybe stop buying so much makeup that you will never use but buy anyway to fill that existential void. Not only for makeup, but you can store all the small trinkets you have accumulated over the years but cannot bear to throw out, like keychains from holiday destinations your friends have been to.

27 May Vanity Box.jpg

In any case, you might want to take some time to explore Smartshop. We will keep expanding our Smartshop collection to bring you more options at affordable prices. Smartshop also allows you to pay for everything – including product cost, domestic shipping (China), international shipping, service fees – all at ONCE! This is a viable option if you are not familiar with the Buy For Me service that we have ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below! We will get back to you as soon as possible.