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Calling Book Lovers! The cutest accessories for your home

Don’t you just love books so much you want everything in your house to be made out of books? Or do you have that one friend who’s a novel lover? This novel items will make great gifts!

This book lunch box is so deceivingly adorable. People will be asking you what kind of thick book you are reading, then you casually open up to show them your lunch.


24 May Book box.jpg

Bringing books into the kitchen means taking the risk that oil may splatter on your books. But fret not, this book chopping board is made of bamboo. Incredibly novel!


24 May Book cutting board.jpg

Let us not forget great women in history who has inspired so many around the world, and gave us some quotable quotes. Presenting the Well-Read Women diary to not only keep track of what you have read, but do some critical reflection on those books.

24 May Well-Read Women.jpg

It is an especially great gift for your young friends or family members who love history and books. Not to mention those gorgeous watercolour illustrations!

“…Just one more page,” I say for the 20th time as the clock turns to 02:30. I end up sleeping at 04:00 and hating myself when I have to get up for work at 07:00. This adorable anglerfish friend accompanies me as I go to a whole new world.

24 May Angle fish book light.jpg

No regrets though. Books are great. They are a way to open minds and open hearts, and show you a world bigger than yourself.

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