Know-how of SGshop

Add items DIRECTLY into your SGshop cart when you browse Taobao!

We’ve read your feedback. To save you clicks, we are testing out this new feature called Easy Cart. Here is how you can install Easy Cart.

Go to the SGshop website and hover your mouse over the right side of the orange strip.

Screenshot at May 24 12-11-38.png

Click on “ADD TO CHROME”. Please use the Google Chrome browser for this. The feature is not compatible with other browsers. If you have yet to install Google Chrome, you may do so here.

Screenshot at May 24 12-12-40.png

You should be able to enjoy the new feature. If not, you can close Google Chrome and open a new window.

How to browse 

When you visit, you will see this page. If you have specific things in mind, you can enter the keywords in the search bar. Alternatively, you can click on the camera icon in the search bar to upload a photo of what you are looking for.

Screenshot at May 24 12-13-17

If you would like to simply browse their specials, you can click on the curated catalogue on the front page.


Screenshot at May 24 12-16-09If you click on the image, you will be directed to a page that features various shops that are registered on Taobao.


For example, if I want to take a look at the first shop featured, I can click on the image to view the seller’s catalogue. You can scroll to see the many shops featured until you find one whose featured image shows a style that you like.


Screenshot at May 24 12-17-08I clicked and arrived at this shop’s homepage. Taobao gives its sellers flexibility to design their own homepage. Each seller will have their own stylised pages, so it really is like flipping through a magazine. Usually pages with a lot of effort put into the design and layout is an indication of a sincere seller. (Of course, do be cautious by reading reviews and practicing good judgment and discretion.)


Okay, so after scrolling through their webpage, I want to take a look at that third outfit on the top row. Clicking will lead to product webpage. You will now be able to directly add items to your SGshop cart using the button highlighted below:

18 May Add to Cart.png

So convenient! No more having to copy the URL then going to THEN having to paste the URL in the search bar before you can add to your SGshop cart.

Try out the new feature today! Simply install it from our website: then start browsing on