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Editing Apps to Up Your Insta-Game

We found some really cool recommendations for filter apps to bring your Instagram photos to the next level. However, the article is in Mandarin, so we want to share it in English!

1. Afterlight

19 May Afterlight

Lighting is everything! You can achieve the cinematic style that you want with this application.

2. Huji Cam

19 May Huji Cam

For that intense disposable film effect. It’s like snapping back into 1998.

3. Analog Seoul

19 May Analog Seoul
Sweet Korean film tones for your pictures.

4. Filmborn

19 May Filmborn.jpg
Only available on iPhone 🙄

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Creative use of filter apps


Easy way make your Instagram page eye-catching?!

Try out these apps and let us know what you think!