[NEW FEATURE] Add to SGshop cart while you browse Taobao

Normally, when you want to add an item to your SGshop cart while browsing Taobao, you have to copy and paste the URL into the SGshop search bar.

Well, now you can avoid that hassle by directly adding items into your SGshop cart while you shop on Taobao!

How to install?

  1. Go to http://www.sgshop.com
  2. See that “EASY CART” icon on the right side of the orange strip?
  3. Click “ADD TO CHROME”
    This only works with GOOGLE CHROME so make sure that you are using Google Chrome.

16 May Easy Cart.PNG

Close the window, and relaunch Google Chrome for immediate effect. Now, when you are browsing on Taobao, you should be able to see this icon that allows you to DIRECTLY add items into your SGshop cart.

16 May Taobao.PNG

Enjoy the convenience!