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Filling salad you can make at your office table!

The best thing? Everything is easy to wash because the processes required only include boiling and microwaving. Say goodbye to scrubbing pots.

12 May Salad.jpeg

You will only need 5 items for this recipe.

  1. Romaine Lettuce
  2. Chickpeas
  3. Pasta of your choice. I’m using whole wheat pasta.
  4. Begedil (fried potato cutlet)
  5. Edamame
  6. Roasted sesame dressing (or whatever dressing you like, really)

First, cut your romaine lettuce and throw them into a bowl. Then throw in some plain boiled chickpeas. I make a big batch at home every week, and I bring a container of it to the SGShop office. See yesterday’s post for more details on how I prepare chickpeas.

12 May Chickpeas.jpeg

Microwave the frozen begedil until hot – time and settings depends on your microwave. It heats up better with an airfryer, but without one in the office, a microwave will have to suffice. I bought a pack of 12 for $2.50 from the frozen Halal section at Sheng Siong.

12 May Begedil.jpeg

Boil frozen edamame and pasta in your electric pot.

12 May Edamame.jpeg

Assemble and throw on a dressing of your choice. I used this Kewpie roasted sesame sauce one of our SGShop team members bought from Sheng Siong for $4.90. (Not sponsored by Kewpie. Would love to be, though.) You only need a little bit. One bottle will last for months on end.

12 May Overall.jpg

And you have just made an amazing salad for cheap! Most of the ingredients are the same as the previous post’s. Let me try to break down the prices:

  1. Romaine lettuce: $0.30
    – $1.85 for 2 heads at Sheng Siong. I used a few leaves.
  2. Chickpeas: $0.08
    – $4 for 1kg of dried chickpea beans at Mustafa.
  3. Pasta: $0.30
    – $3 for 2 packets (500g each) at NTUC
  4. Begedil: $0.42
    – 12 pieces for $2.50 at Sheng Siong. Can be found at the Halal frozen section.
  5. Edamame: $0.40
    – $5.70 for 2 packets (500g each) at Sheng Siong. Snagged these on sale! ^_^
  6. Roasted sesame dressing: $0.05
    – $4.90 for 210ml at Sheng Siong.

Estimated cost of this healthy and delicious meal: $1.55

Get your own pot today! Click on the photo to visit the information page for the respective pot on SGShop.

This one is around $10 to $20, depending on which model you pick.

12 May Pot.jpg

This cute pot is $9.06. Look, you can even fry an egg! This will be so useful for university students staying in school dorms.

12 May Cute pot.jpg

P.S. Admin here is not sponsored to do these posts on pots. (If anyone wants to sponsor, you can email our marketing department.) I truly believe in WHOLETHEPOTTHINGAMAJING and it’s added a lot of value into my life, so I want to share it with other like-minded shoppers.