How to not dress like a fashion disaster at Poly or Uni

Shoutout to all our friends studying in polytechnic and university! The freedom to dress however you wish can be a little daunting at first, so we have created this guide to help you out. These are based on observations about what other women in polytechnic and university are wearing, so you know that these looks are definitely wearable in Singapore’s weather. Here are wardrobe staples to help you build your own style:

1. Vintage t-shirt

9 May Dancing in Time.jpg

9 May 1987.png

9 May Urban City.jpg

9 May Antidote Tee.png

9 May Days of the Week Shirts.jpg

2. Denim skirt

9 May Denim Skirt with Buttons.PNG

9 May Denim Skirt Plain.jpg


3. Denim shorts

9 May Blue shorts.PNG

9 May Black shorts.PNG

4. Dressy shorts

9 May Grey shorts.jpg

9 May Tie shorts.jpg

9 May Lined shorts.jpg

5. Wide-legged pants

9 May Pants 1.jpg

9 May Pants 2.PNG

9 May Pants 3.PNG

6. T-shirt dress

9 May T shirt dress 1.PNG

9 May Coke shirt dress.PNG

9 May T-shirt Dress 2.jpg

7. Slightly fancier dress

9 May Dress 1.jpg

9 May Dress 2.jpg

Happy styling!