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Should I Buy This Shirt? Tips to buy only what you will love for a long time

Although the movement towards sustainable living is growing, the fast fashion industry still reigns strong. Fast fashion labels like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21 change their products every 2 weeks. Items are not built to last. They are built to satisfy your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for a temporary period and make you keep wanting to consume, consume, and consume.

This is a real problem for many shopaholics, particularly when items are affordable enough that you just buying without reconsideration. Even if you end up not liking it later on, its low price tag means that financially, it doesn’t matter to you. But these little costs here and there do add up. You stuff your wardrobe full of cheap, flimsy articles of  clothing, but still find yourself out of things to wear and nothing you really love wearing. Here are some tips to help you better decide on whether or not you should buy clothes that you come across (especially since there are a lot of affordable and cute pieces on SGShop).

1. Will you wear it many times, for a long time? 

In particular, think twice and thrice and then again when you feel the need to purchase a trendy statement piece. Will you wear it multiple times? Do you foresee yourself still loving it two years down the road? Trendy statement pieces tend to look outdated past their season. In the same vein, using classic pieces to build your wardrobe may be more productive.

2. Quality of the item

Does it look like it is going to shrink in the wash? Will the material actually last? Is the stitching coming off?

Quality is so important. If it feels terrible, you will feel terrible in it!

3. Does it fit your lifestyle? 

Let’s be real. We often buy clothes for our fantasy selves with lifestyles we will probably never get to adopting. Because of this, we often find ourselves with nothing appropriate to wear for our actual lives.

When you are in a store and mulling over whether you should get an piece, think about several occasions where you will actually wear it out and feel confident. If you are hesitating, just walk away. Believe in the subconscious part of yourself that is telling you that it doesn’t fit your life.

4. Do the cutting and colour fit you? Does it go with at least 5 other outfits you already have? 

Your wardrobe is like an ecosystem. They build on, and support, one another. When adding a new node to the network, consider its suitability. Otherwise, that item will be relegated to very specific occasions, or you just end up never feeling comfortable in that piece. Sometimes clothes don’t fit you – in the sense that it does not fit your physical features – and that is okay. This includes: the colour washing you out and making you look sickly; it does not suit the silhouette that you want; or if it is too big or too small.

In Marie Kondo’s style of minimalism, she suggests having pieces that spark joy in you. If a piece no longer sparks joy in you, perhaps it is time to let it go. If something once sparked joy and made you happy to have it, but no longer does, thank it for the experiences it brought you, then let it go.

5. Does it make you feel confident?

If your clothes are constantly making you nervous about a wardrobe malfunction, or anxious about how other will judge you, then perhaps it is not suitable for your current self. Clothes should enhance who you already are. You should be wearing the wardrobe, rather than feeling like your wardrobe is wearing you. The overwhelming sensation you get is a sign that, perhaps, you can revisit the item at another time.

But do note that inexpensive =/= lousy, and that expensive =/= good.

You still can shop cheap (on SGShop) and you still can shop at fast fashion outlets. What you can also do, is to be more conscious of what you are consuming and what you are bringing into your life with the act of consuming. If it fits your interest, it fits your physical body, it makes you feel confident, and it sparks a hell lot of joy, then by all means, buy it.