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Have An Auspicious Chinese New Year with Taobao

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and it’s that time of the year again when we start to hear shops blasting CNY songs and most importantly, it’s time to get your CNY shopping done!

Here’s a your ultimate Taobao CNY guide to get you all prepped up to soak in the CNY atmosphere! #huatah


There’s nothing else that screams CNY better than all the festive decoration that you can see! Decorate your houses with CNY decorations to impress all your friends and relatives who are going to pay a visit to your humble abode!

Door/Window Decorations

Welcome in the good fortune with auspicious door decorations, which come in a variety of designs and sizes.


Door and Window Decorations, $2.73


Sticker decorations, $2.50

Year of the Dog decorations


Year of the dog decorations, $25.45


Year of the Dog stickers, $1.82

Hanging Lanterns


Hanging Lanterns, $0.02


Felt Hanging Lantern, $1.25

Useful Search Terms

CNY Decorations – 新年装饰

Decorations – 布置

Zodiac – 生肖

Year of the Dog – 狗年

Couplets – 春联

Stickers – 贴纸

Laser-cut Paper Decorations – 剪纸

Hanging Ornaments – 挂饰

Fairy Lights – 串灯

Lanterns – 灯笼

Festive Artificial Flowers – 春节假花

Red Packets

Yes! You can also get cute and affordable red packets from Taobao! Stand out from the rest of your relatives by giving out cool and unique red packets.


Cute Red Packets, $2.25 


Gold colored packets, $1.77

CNY Clothes

Finally, the most important part. NEW CLOTHES!!! Here are some affordable options that you can consider getting from Taobao!

For Kids


Kids CNY Dress, $17.27

For adults:


Red bell sleeve dress, $31.36


Two piece dress, $20


Cheongsam, $8.64


Modern-styled Cheongsam Dress, $70.23

Useful Search Terms

Dress – 连身裙

Top/Blouse – 衬衣

T-shirt – T恤

Off-shoulder Dress – 露肩连身裙

Cheongsam/Qipao – 旗袍


If you are looking for accessories, some terms you can consider are

Accessories – 饰品

Dangly Earrings – 耳坠

Necklace – 项链

Handbags – 手提包

Rings– 戒指


if you want to get your items before CNY, it is highly recommended that you place your orders as soon as possible!

Taobao sellers will start closing operation from 31 January 2018 to 27 February 2018, therefore orders placed will not be processed. Our SGshop China office will be closed from 16 February to 23 February 2018 (There will be no purchase, international shipping and online chat service during this period of time). USA Office will be operating as per normal.

Customer Service

Hotline Support: Closing from 15 Feb to 19 Feb
Live Chat: Closing from 16 Feb to 23 Feb
Web Enquiry/Email: no reply from 16 Feb to 23 Feb

Local delivery/collection

All delivery/collection will be ceased from 9 Feb. and resume by 20 Feb respectively *refer to picture below for more information.

Order Processing of China Orders

There is no purchasing and inspection during 16 February to 23 February

Shipping arrangement

As of right now we are still waiting for the update from our shipping partners on air shipping and sea shipping arrangement before the CNY, and we will update you again once we have it.

CNY Holiday Arrangement