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7 Laptop Sleeves To Pimp Up Your New Laptop

We all love that feeling of getting something new. Be it the latest iPhone, the latest Macbook et cetera, we always treat our new toy with so much love!

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who buy a new screen protector, a few new phone covers immediately after getting a new phone. I just can’t stand a single scratch on my new baby. But after a year, the relationship turns stale.

Protecting your laptop is also extremely important. They can be pretty pricey so there’s no harm in trying to preserve the “new-ness” of your laptop aye?

Here are some laptop sleeves that you will enjoy, whether you prefer a more minimalist style, a more cutesy and print-oriented person, or if you simply love colours!

1. Brighten up your day with these super fun and cool summer colours!


Summer coloured laptop sleeve, $15.61

2. Or if you prefer something that is more minimalist, try this denim style laptop sleeve with a brown accented latch clasp


Denim laptop sleeve, $13.35

3. If you are using thinner laptops, these solid colours laptop sleeve might just be the one for you.


Solid colour thin laptop sleeve, $7.47

4. If you can’t get yourself out of your vacation vibes, this might be a good temporary fix for you!


Floral and Fauna themed laptop sleeve, $15.38

5. Cute animals that stares at everyone as you walk past them? Now you’re doing a favour for your schoolmates!


Animal laptop sleeve, $10.86

6. Be in the center of the spotlight with these fabulous looking sequined laptop case!


Sequined laptop sleeve, $2.94

7. Last but not least, some geometrical black and white laptop sleeve which is perfect as it goes well with any outfit if you are planning to carry it on hand!


Geometrical B/W laptop sleeve, $10.81

For more laptop sleeves to pimp up your laptop, check out our smartshop collection here