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How To Be A Home Barista

Attention to all coffee lovers:


Is that your #lifemotto?

If you simply can’t live without your cup of coffee every morning, how about becoming a home barista?

By learning how to make your own cup of coffee in the morning, you might even save money in the long run by reducing those Starbucks run every morning! Even better, you get to make a cup of your most perfect cup of coffee, catered to your liking.

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Here are some store on Taobao that sells quality coffee machines and other tools that you need to transform yourself into a professional barista!

1. Hero 家居旗舰店

Closeness to Product Description: 4.9

Service: 4.9

Delivery: 4.9

This store on Tmall has excellent ratings, and they sell a huge range of tools and machines that you will require to make your own coffee at home

Be it a coffee pot, a coffee grinder, coffee cups or even jars that can be used to seal your coffee beans, this store has it all!


Hero Coffee Grinder, $30.87

One of their best sellers include the coffee filter paper that you use when you are brewing a cup of nice pour-over coffee


50 piece coffee filter paper lantern, $6.44

2. 咖王家居专营店

Closeness to Product Description: 4.8

Service: 4.8

Delivery: 4.8

Another store that promises to sell quality and ergonomic coffee machines to help you enhance and to aid you in your journey in becoming a barista!


100 piece coffee filter paper, $2.84

Their other best seller includes a 7-piece set that helps you to whip up that nice creamy and rich froth that you can add on your coffee!


7- piece manual foam machine, $28.18

3. Don Lim 东菱睿一专卖店

Closeness to Product Description: 4.8

Service: 4.8

Delivery: 4.8


Semi-automatic coffee machine, $88.67


Closeness to Product Description: 4.8

Service: 4.8

Delivery: 4.8

Featured product:

This vintage style coffee grinder acts as both a coffee grinder, and also as a super awesome decorative piece for your living space! Not to mention, at its price, this machine is super affordable!


Vintage coffee grinder, $7.78

Their other highly sought after product would be their classic coffee cups! Though they are just like any other coffee cup, their affordable price tag is simply unbeatable


Coffee cups, from $2.18

5. 泰摩旗舰店

Closeness to Product Description: 4.9

Service: 4.9

Delivery: 4.9

Featured product:


Siphon coffee maker, $37.33

This coffee maker looks like an apparatus that you can find in the chemistry lab but let me just tell you, this is the tool that you need to make a cup of coffee that is unmatched in flavour and aroma.

It has a burner at the bottom to provide constant heat and temperature to your brew, and as all you coffee connoisseurs should know, temperature is extremely important in affecting brew quality.


French press coffee maker, $13.11

The other best selling product is the french press coffee maker, which allows you to get a cup of freshly brewed coffee almost immediately.

So there you go! 5 stores on Taobao that are worth checking out for you to get affordable and quality coffee machines before you embark on your barista journey!


But before you leave, here are some facts about coffee that we thought you should know!

Did you know that drinking coffee first thing in the morning is actually bad for you? You are highly recommended to drink coffee 3 hours after you wake up!

And also, about a billion cups of coffee are being consumed EVERY DAY. That’s about 760 thousand cups A MINUTE.

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Always remember to do things in moderation, and that includes your caffeine intake!
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