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5 Stores On Taobao That Will Make You The Next Masterchef

We all know that cooking is fun and sometimes therapeutic. But not the prepping and the cleaning up afterwards.

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Here are 5 stores on Taobao that sells amazing kitchen tools that will help you prepare your food faster and effortlessly!

1. 居家家, 您身边的居家

Rating: 5 Golden Crowns

Closeness to Product Description: 4.8

Service: 4.8

Delivery: 4.7

This store sells a huge variety of kitchen tools, ranging from spoons, cute sponges, and even food storage containers!

Most importantly, they sell a variety of tools that will make your food prep fast and efficient.


Rice Sieve, $3.15

With its curved edges and with the pouring holes located at the edge, this tool allows you to place your items upright when you are soaking them, AND also to drain away the water efficiently when you tilt it!

Now you no longer need to use an extra bowl to soak your ingredients, before transferring them to a sieve in order to drain the water away.

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Garlic mesh, $4.30

This gadget is absolutely genius! To mince your garlic, you no longer have to chop them continuously non stop. All you have to do is to place a peeled garlic into this


Simply press down the handles and voila! There you have it, mashed garlic in a few seconds!

2. 梦飞扬居家日用专卖店 (Tmall)

Closeness to Product Description: 4.9

Service: 4.8

Delivery: 4.8

This is another store that sells kitchen tools, but focuses more on kitchen gadgets that helps with food preparation.


Vegetable slicer, $8.67

This is a slicer that helps you to slice your vegetables effortlessly. It even comes with a total of 6 different plates for you to achieve your ideal shapes!


Slicer, $10.67

Or if you lazy to continuously use your arms, this is a great alternative! This can be used to mince your meat well!! Or you have to do is to place your vegetables into the gadget and spin the handle, and the blades attached to the cover will help to chop up all your ingredients efficiently and into small pieces!

3. 贝多家居生活馆

Rating: 5 Blue Diamonds

Closeness to Product Description: 4.8

Service: 4.8

Delivery: 4.8

This store specialises in handy-dandy creative kitchen tools that are bound to make you think “why don’t I have that already?”


Watermelon slicer, $3.44

Can’t slice a watermelon? Fret not! With this tool, all you have to do is cut the watermelon in half! Simply glide this tool over the watermelon and it will cut through the juicy meat with ease and precision. Making watermelon cubes have never been so easy!


Pineapple core extractor, $5.73

This gadget helps you extract ALL the pineapple flesh, leaving behind just the core. Now you can make pineapple rings easily!


Corn slicer, $4.22

A moment of silence for this brilliant invention. Don’t know who and where you are, but THANK YOU.

4. 美之扣旗舰店 (Tmall)

Closeness to Product Description: 4.9

Service: 4.8

Delivery: 4.8

Yet another home and living store, but what caught our eyes has to be this product


Dumpling mould, $2.20

All you have to do is to place your dumpling skin and its fillings on the mould,


Close it,


And there you have it,


Beautiful dumpling that is literally moulded to perfection!

5. 表扬家居专营店 (Tmall)

Closeness to Product Description: 4.9

Service: 4.8

Delivery: 4.8


Apple slicer, $5.96

Though many of you might have seen this over the internet, but this tool is not one to be missed, especially if you are bad at cutting fruits!


Watermelon scraper, $2.84

Always find it a waste that you can’t finish a watermelon cleanly, this tool is for you!

Ta-da! That was 5 stores on Taobao that you can look through to get super affordable and handy-dandy tools that can aid you in your kitchen preparation!

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