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Summer Essentials To Beat The Heat

Yes, we know. The sun is beating down on your back, and you are sweating profusely even though you’ve only been out under the sun for 2 minutes. Trust me, we’ve experienced it too. Heck, you might even be sweating even though you are at home, lying around doing nothing!

Here are some summer essentials that you should consider purchasing to beat the heat and cool yourself down!

1. Portable Fans.

Portable fans are the ultimate must haves for the summer. You can place them on your desk, be it at work or at home and have it at full blast aimed right at you. The best part about this portable fan is that you can adjust the strength of the fan, so you can choose whichever setting you want!


USB portable fan, $4.42

2. Foldable Portable Fan.

This is also a portable fan, but what is great about this is that it has an foldable handle. When extended, you can grasp it easily in your hands, allowing you to enjoy the fan even as you are walking around. On the other hand, when folded, you can place them on your desk, and enjoy the cool breeze!



USB foldable fan, $3.98

3. Mist Spray Portable Fan

Not only are the colours super cute, but this portable fan actually sprays mist as well! You can pour water into a bottle at the back of the fan, and coupled with the strong wind, you have a portable mist spray that not only helps to cool down your face immediately, but can also moisturize your face at the same time!


Portable fan with mist spray, $4.20

4. USB Portable Fan.

This portable fan is super small and light, making it super convenient for you to carry around in your purse. You don’t have to worry that the portable fan will run out of battery as you can connect the portable fan to your phone, and that powers up the portable fan! This is extremely convenient especially since we have our phones in our hands all the time anyway, why not connect a portable fan to it and cool ourselves down at the same time?


Portable USB fan, $3.29

5. Portable AIRCON

Ok guys, now THIS, THIS is the ultimate portable that you need for the summer. If you think fans are too mild for you, or that they are not strong enough, then you need to get this. This is a portable aircon, that you can bring around with you ANYWHERE. There is also a stand at the back for you to prop it on your table. ALSO, you can power it with a USB cable, which means you can plug it into your laptop and aim the aircon right at your face, keeping you cool through this summer heat.


Portable air-con, $7.29

6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great fashion item BUT they are also very practical! Not only do they look good on you, but they also help to shield your eyes from the bright sun rays that are glaring right at you.

Fact: Up to 10% of all skin cancers are found on the eyelids, because of all the harmful sun rays that are shining right on it!

So take care of your eyes now, and get some fashionable sunglasses!


Sunglasses, $1.53


Sunglasses, $4.40

7. Snapbacks

Sun’s out, time to bring back the snapbacks! Snapbacks are a great way for you to upgrade any outfit, AND it helps to protect your scalp from a potential sunburn at the same time!


Snapbacks, $4.22

8. K-style inspired hat

Be fashionable and protect your scalp at the same time with the k-style inspired hat. It has cool rings at the end of the brim, adding some edginess to your outfit.


K-style inspired hat, $2.20

9. Bucket Hats

This is the perfect hat for those days when the sun is simply relentless, AND you are having a bad hair day. This hat will cover all the frizziness and naughty hairs that refuse to stay at where they are supposed to be.


Bucket hat, $2.00

Remember, portable fans, sunglasses and hats can only protect a limited area of your body! Before you leave your house, always remember to put on sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays!

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