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Get 5 Celebrity Looks For Less

Your favourite celebrity wore something that you absolutely adore but your bank account is crying for help – here’s how you can achieve these 5 celebrity looks for much much much less.

Celebrity Look 1: Kourtney Kardashian’s outfit is perfect for a casual day out. Show off that booty with a grey pair of jogger pants. Coupled with a pair of comfortable Vans, this is your ideal I-look-like-i-gym-but-i-really don’t outfit.


Get the look for less:

White long sleeve crop top, $6.66                      Black cap, $7.51

Grey jogger pants, $4.56                                      Long white socks, $1.29

Vans inspired, $8.22


Celebrity Look 2: A navy blue pullover paired with ripped denim jeans and cobalt blue socks? Who says you can’t wear blue on blue on blue?


Get the look for less:

Navy blue hoodie top, $13.11                              High socks, $2.20 for 5 pairs.

Ripped icy cold jeans, $7.29                                 White shoes, $10.89

Celebrity Look 3: Other than the fact that Eva Longoria’s Hermes’ Birkin is probably already more than $10,000, her outfit is perfect for a normal work day. The outfit is comfortable, but yet classy and trendy at the same time.


Get the look for less:

Army green long sleeve button top, $15.11        Dusty pink high heels, $28.44

White long pants, $8.62                                          Purse, $37.46

White belt, $2.42                                                      Reflective sunglasses, $2.00

Celebrity Looks 4: Bella Hadid sported some really interesting colour combination such as black on forest green, coupled with dark dusty blue boots. But I guess we can all agree that she totally rocked this outfit!


Get the look for less:

Pack of 10 chokers, $2.20                                Green purse, $7.98                  

Black sweater pullover, $6.51                        Black peep-toe boots, $16.67

Black denim frayed skirt, $10.89                   Black socks, $2.62

                                                                              Polarized sunglasses, $15.33


Celebrity Look 5: You don’t have to be Cara Delevingne to wear this simple yet edgy outfit!


Get the look for less:

White ¾ sleeve loose top, $5.56                       Chunky heels sandals, $17.33

Leather PU skirt, $15.33                                    Necklace, $2.20

Rings, $0.22