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Samsung S8 Accessories To Pimp Up Your New Phone

Just like anyone else, when you get a new phone, you will treat it like a newborn baby. You immediately look for new handphone accessories to pimp up your phone.


With SGshop’s Smartshop feature, we have already sieved through millions of Samsung S8 accessories to bring you the best you can find on Taobao. PLUS, we have already calculated your international shipping fees so you never have to worry about paying extra or any other fees!

Here are some affordable accessories that you can get from Taobao that can beautify your phone and even protect it from when you reach the “throw it everywhere” stage.

1. Forget the classic white USB cable that comes with the phone. Get a spare fast-charging cable in gold, rose gold and black!


Fast charging cable, $1.53

2. Not only can this phone case act as a mirror, but it also comes with a phone ring that makes it easier for you to hold on to it!


Rose gold mirrored case with phone ring, $4.42

If you are not a fan of the phone rings, you can also go for a band or strap at the back of the phone for you to hold your phone securely and prevent it from slipping off your hands.


Floral case with gold chain, $7.29

3. This case comes with a secret storage for you to store your most-used cards, such as your ez-link card or identification cards for easy access!


Compartmental phone case, $4.42

4. You can also get this case that depicts your week perfectly


Emoji phone case, $6.67

5. This wireless charger is the latest technology that you will need right now. All you have to do is to plug it in, place your phone on top and tada your phone will start charging. This charger saves space as it works on almost all brands! While it may not be entirely wireless, but hey it looks cool!


Wireless charger, $8.62

6. Screen protectors are a must as they protect your display screen from getting scruffed up and act as a protective layer to protect your phone when it drops. This one comes with a layer for both the front and the back of your phone, giving you double the safety!


Front and back screen protector for S8 and S8+, $10.67

Or if you are just looking for something to jazz up your phone, you can get these multicoloured front screen tempered glass protectors that works well too!


Coloured tempered glass screen protector, $1.77

It can be really difficult to get your screen protector on properly without air bubbles. That’s why you should get it at a cheaper price on Taobao just in case you need extras when air bubbles pop out!

screen meme.png

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