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SGshop Eats: Instant Mala Hotpot!!

If you love mala but you absolutely hate sweating profusely in hawker centres or food courts, then you need to try this!!

Introducing Xiao Long Kan Self-Boiling Instant Mala Hotpot!


This Self-boiling Instant Hotpot is suitable for office workers who don’t have time to head out but still want to eat hotpot / rainy days when you just want to stay in / when you are lazyyyy but don’t want to eat maggie mee / when its 2am and you are craving for some mala!! We know how you feel!! Here in SGshop office, we all LOVE mala! If you are on team mala with us, this is what you need to have stocked up in your pantry NOW.

The self-boiling instant hotpot is created by a famous hotpot restaurant in Chengdu, China and has recently opened an outlet in Shanghai. It is a common everyday sight to see the snaking queues at the original hotpot restaurant go on till 3am everyday! Crazy or not??!

So here at SGshop, we decided to put it to the test to see if its really so nice!


The ingredients in this hotpot consists of mainly lotus roots, bamboo, quail eggs, potato, duck intestines, fungus, noodles, duck foot, chicken wing tips, chicken intestines,  and  mala sauce.


This is what you will see when you open it: a packet of mixed vegetables, quail eggs, noodles, meat, heat pack, the sauces and also a set of cutlery!

OH and also, the best part of this hotpot is that you do not need HOT water!

ROOM TEMPERATURE or even COLD WATER will do the trick, making it super convenient as you do not have to go and boil water in order to enjoy hotpot!

Here’s how you prepare the Instant Mala Hotpot:

1. Put all the ingredients into the upper layer of the pot (the white layer), starting with the sauce


It should then look like this:


We added the sauce in last but it is just for illustration purposes!

2. Pour water into the pot till it reaches the line.


3. Add the heat pack into the bottom container, which is the layer that is deeper. Add water till it covers the heat pack.


4. Place the layer filled with the ingredients on top of the heat pack. Put the lid back on and wait for it to boil!


Remember to poke through the hole on the lid to allow steam to escape! Another friendly reminder, the hotpot can get really really hot as the water inside is boiling, so remember to protect your tables by having a coaster underneath the hotpot!


Just wait 15 seconds and it should start to boil!

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We kid you not, there was really hella lot of smoke and the smell wafted through the entire office, making everyone super hungry.

Wait for 15 minutes and tadaa! It’s done!


So how did the people here at SGshop find the instant boiling hotpot?

  • “It’s pretty similar to the ones that you get at the foodcourt so if you are looking for something to eat at home without heading out then i think that this is a very good option”
  • “The portion is actually really big and is more than enough for one person!”
  • “If you’re not good at eating spicy food then I think adding half a packet is more than enough alr”
  • “The taste of the ingredients is not compromised, not the kind of freeze dried “fishcake” you see in instant noodles”
  • It is convenient because whenever you’re hungry you can eat anywhere and anytime. Cool!! I will rate it 9/10!

Thus, here at SGshop, we rate this 小龙坎 Self-boiling Instant Mala Hotpot:

A MUST TRY!!!!!!

Just a heads up, as the instant boiling hotpot is food and is considered a sensitive item, there are only three types of shipping options available for it to get through customs

  1. Special Air
  2. Sensitive Sea
  3. Economy Sea

What are you waiting for! Get your Self-boiling Instant Hotpot here!!