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Taobao Wedding Keywords Cheat Sheet

You’ve heard your friends Taobao their entire wedding and want to do the same but don’t know where to start? Here are some keywords that we have translated into Chinese for you! Just copy and paste these keywords into Taobao and tadaa! Happy browsing!

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Wedding gowns: 婚纱                                             Bridal Sash: 婚纱腰带                                         

Lace wedding gowns: 蕾丝婚纱                            Tiara: 新娘皇冠

Mini wedding gowns: 迷你婚纱                            Tie: 领带 

Mermaid Wedding Gowns: 美人鱼婚纱礼服       Bowtie: 领结

Wedding Veil: 头纱                                                  Bowtie with ribbon: 领花



Flower girl dress: 女童伴娘礼服                  Bridesmaid heels: 伴娘鞋

Flower girl basket: 花童花篮                       Hen’s night props: 新娘单身派对

Page boy outfit: 男童礼服套装                     Flora crown: 伴娘花环头饰

Bridesmaid dress: 伴娘礼服                        Wrist corsages: 伴娘手腕花



Alphabet balloons: 字母气球                               Wooden letter blocks: 字母木块

Wedding decorations: 婚庆装饰                          Wedding table cards: 结婚卓卡

Balloon packages: 气球套餐                                  Table numbers: 席位卡

Fake flower petals: 假花瓣                                    Table number holders: 席位夹

Guestbook: 婚礼签本                                              Photobooth props: 婚庆派对对拍照道具


Now shopping for your dream wedding on Taobao is easier than ever! Faster COPY + PASTE the keywords now!

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