Vanity Organizers Every Beauty Junkie Needs

Calling out to all beauty junkies and makeup hoarders!

If you have a soft spot for makeup, and always seem to find yourself expanding your makeup collection with the same shade of lipstick but from 20 different brands, then you probably need these vanity organisers in your life.

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Acrylic drawers are the best way for you to organize your makeup, not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but you are also able to see all your makeup clearly, so you won’t forget what is in your collection ever again!

1. For your makeup brushes and tools


Acrylic makeup brush holder with pearls, $19.78.

These makeup holders help to cover your brushes, so your brushes stay as dust-proof as possible. The pearls also help to both hold your brushes in place, and add a glam look to your vanity!


Brush holder. $10.89

These makeup holders let you separate the brushes by length, OR you can also use them to separate your foundation brushes from your eyeshadow brushes!


Makeup tool acrylic organizer. $8.00

Keep your tools separate from your makeup. This box allows you to separate cotton swabs, pads and even your favorite beauty blenders!

If you want to separate them individually, there are also singular cases available.


Transparent single cosmetic storage box. $2.67.


2. Specially for your lipstick


36 lipstick holder. $10

View all your lipsticks in all their glory with this lippie holder than can hold up to 36 lipsticks. If 36 is too much for you, there is also an option for 9 lipsticks.


9 lipstick holder. $5.56


Horizontal lipstick holder. $22

Arrange your lipsticks horizontally with this holder and have easy visual access to the wide range of colors you have at one glance. You can also consider another option that comes with a door to prevent your lipsticks from falling out!

3. For all your makeup


Deluxe makeup organizer. $10.89

Manage your makeup collection with this deluxe makeup organizer. The bottom two layers are perfect for your cushion compacts and other flat items like blushes or eyeshadows. The top deck will be perfect for storing upright items like foundations and primers.


Flat acrylic caddy. $5.11 + 1.78(domestic shipping) = $6.89

You can put this caddy right on your vanity for easy access to your everyday holy grail product


4 layer flat trays. $15.33

This slider storage is suitable for almost everything – eyeshadows, foundations, blushers, contours, lipsticks, ANYTHING you can think of. Each layer comes with an anti-slip mat so your items won’t move around too.  

4. For your skincare products:


Wide acrylic organizer. $22

This box is wider and higher, perfect for all the skin elixirs and serums you own that keeps your skin glowing.


Vanity organizer. $4.42

This multi-purpose acrylic tray can be used to organize your skincare products, or it can be used to place your eyeshadow palettes

5. For your accessories:


2-door accessories acrylic organizer. $4.42

This 2 door acrylic organizer allows you to hang all your earrings so you won’t have to worry about losing one side of your earrings anymore!

Organizing your makeup can be tedious, but sticking to you what you have organized is even tougher. However, by keeping your makeup constantly organised, you might clear out some space AND THIS MEANS EVEN MORE MAKEUP!! So this should be enough motivation for you to start organizing your makeup with these awesome acrylic vanity organizers NOW!

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