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20 Wedding Dress #Goals

Weddings are an once in a lifetime event, and who wouldn’t want to wear something exceptionally stunning on that day, or even for their photoshoots right?

First of all, whatever you do, DO NOT PANIC.

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Don’t worry about finding your perfect dress within budget because welcome to the world of Taobao. There are tons of designs and styles for you to choose from – all reasonably priced.

Here are 20 Wedding Dresses from Taobao that are total #weddingdressgoals guaranteed to make your Instagram followers hit that heart in a heartbeat.

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1. This romantic long tailed wedding dress gives the illusion of lovely white doves surrounding you with every step you take.


Feng Yue Yu long-tailed wedding dress, $132.89

2. Toss out tradition and feature a plunging back with this mermaid long-tailed gown designed to make jaws drop!


Mermaid Style Wedding Dress, $190.67.

3.  If you are looking for a more streamlined silhouette, take a cue from this exquisite A-line sleeveless dress.


Lace Strap Sleeveless Wedding Dress, $132.89

4. This fairytale-like wedding dress with intricate embellishments will make u look like a Disney princess.


Fairytale inspired dress, $85.78.

5.  If you are not a fan of the mainstream white wedding dresses, don’t worry cuz we’ve got you covered. This tasteful baby pink wedding dress will make you look like a doll with its subtle blush.


Pink lace wedding dress, $24.

6. A super stunning off-shoulder european-style dress with intricate details that are absolutely perfect for your bridal photoshoot.


European style wedding dress. $132.89.

7. This is the perfect Kinfolk wedding dress if you are thinking of a rustic outdoor photoshoot in the woods.


French style vintage lace wedding dress. $137.56.

8. This alluring long-sleeve lace gown with its beautiful layers will flatter any body shape.


Shoulder lace wedding dress, $86.22.

9. A simple and elegant off-shoulder gown that would make all your single friends want to get married ASAP.


Off-shoulder lace wedding dress, $84.

10. You’ve worked hard for it.. Now show off your curves in this lace mermaid number with the perfect fish tail.


Mermaid style fish tail wedding dress. $79.56.

11. If you are thinking of a timeless gown, these lacy mesh sleeves are bound to impress for decades to come.


Long mesh sleeve wedding dress, $66.22.

12. Wear the color of love on your big day with this bold red number that will leave any brides-to-be rethink wearing white.


Red off-shoulder wedding dress, $61.11.

13. All eyes will be on you with this beautiful tulle number and its embellished bateau neckline.


Embellished bateau neckline dress. $79.78.

14. Channel your inner siren by showing ‘em sexy back but remain covered by the super intricate embellishments at the same time.


Lace mermaid style wedding dress, $79.56.

15. Give off Kate Middleton vibes wearing this oriental wedding dress with its high neckline.


Oriental Wedding Dress. $32.22.

16. Go for an ethereal look to make yourself the epitome of sexy and glamourous.

Ethereal Dress. $81.78.

17. Give off the illusion that you are walking on a flowery path with this beautiful floral high-low hemmed wedding dress to show off your slender legs.


Petal wedding dress. $66.22.

18. You’ll feel like a princess in this beauty and the beast inspired dress. P.S It comes in plus-sized options for all you curvy girls out there!


Plus sized wedding dress, $44.

19. This off-shoulder vintage wedding dress with its three-quarter-length sleeve shows just the right amount of skin.


Fish tail off shoulder wedding dress. $79.56

20. This classic uniformly embellished wedding dress with its long floral-embroidered tulle looks so luxurious that people would never believe the actual price!


Classic long-tailed wedding dress. $97.33.

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