29 Mother’s Day Gifts Without Breaking The Bank

Mother’s Day is just round the corner and if you have yet to pick out a gift for her, fret not! Here are 29 gifts you can afford without breaking the bank!

For the mom who has Doraemon magic:

“Mom do you have water?”

“Tissue paper?”

“Portable charger?”

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If your mom is your personal magician who can dig out anything you need from her magical bag, get these trendy everyday bags for her to fit everything she needs!


  1. Soft leather satchel bag, $17.56. Available in 4 colours.

bag 2.png

  2. Pillow bag, $15.33. Available in 3 colours.

For the kimchi mama who is absolutely obsessed with anything Korean:

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If your mom is absolutely nuts about k-dramas, get her these bags to make her look like her favourite k-drama star!

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3. Shoulder handbag, $6.22. Available in 10 colours.

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4. Korean Shoulder Bag, $15.33. Available in 5 colours.

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5. Chain shoulder bag, $10.89. Available in 5 colours.

For the workaholic mom:

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If your mum is the absolute busy bee, get her these bags to thank her for her hard work!

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6. Shoulder Messenger Bag, $11.09. Available in 5 colours.

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7. Duo-coloured satchel bag, $15.33. Available in 5 colours.

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8. Messenger Bag, $10.64. Available in 10 colours.

For those who wanna splurge a lil more on Mommy dearest:

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If you have a little bit more cash at hand and want to splurge on something more for her, check out these stylish bags she will love!

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9. Korean Satchel Bag, $42. Available in 4 colours.

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10. Simple leather handbag, $52.89. Available in 3 colours.

For mothers who deserve a good night’s rest

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Night gowns, long-sleeved pajamas – you name them, we have them! Get these comfortable sleepwear for your mom who deserves a good night’s rest after working hard at work or at home!


11. Sleeved Nightie, $18.89. Available in 4 colours.


12.  Summer nightgown, $6.44. Available in 64 patterns.


13. Short-sleeved cotton pajamas, $7.78. Available in 30 colours.


14. Short sleeved cotton pajamas, $12.22. Available in 30 patterns.


15. Pyjamas Set, $15.11. Available in 4 patterns.


16. Pj set, $8.67. Available in 31 patterns


17. Long sleeved pyjamas set, $8.87, available in 28 colours.


18. $12.22. Available in 40 patterns.


19. $12.22. Available in 10 patterns.


20. $11. Available in 33 patterns

For moms who love some bling bling:

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Get these simple accessories that can help spice up your mom’s outfit for any occasion, not just for Mother’s Day!


21. Sterling silver earrings, $7.29


22. Pearl necklace, $2.87


23. 925 Silver Necklace, $22.20.


24. 925 Silver Key necklace. $13.11.


25.  Korean inspired bracelet. $5.11. Available in 2 colours.


26. Link bracelet. $4.42.


27. Lucky Star bracelet. $6.44.


28. Pearl hair grip. $2.20.


29. Scarf/bag handle, $4.

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Check out the rest of SGshop’s Mother’s Day gifts here:  https://www.sgshop.com/taobao/thematic/mall