9 Single Sofas To Personalize Your Cozy Nook


Seek solace from the pressures of the day by taking a quiet break to center and recharge yourself. To enjoy a truly immersive and relaxing time-out, why not designate a small corner of your home into a personalized cozy nook?

We have shortlisted 9 different single sofa ideas and accompanying arrangements to assist in perfecting your cozy nook.

1. Country Chic


Choose a corner that is close to a source of natural light. Use colors that reflect nature; light blue for the sky, rusty brown for autumn leaves, green for foliage, yellow for the sun.

Glass bottles or jars will really accentuate the look by playing off the colors and light reflection in this set up. Throw in some flowers in those jars and breathe in the countryside.

Get the look:

Nordic Sofa, $266.60               

Solid Wood Coffee Table, $59.70   

Frosted Glass Vases, $5.50


2. Pop Art


If bright colors cheer you up, go all out and color your walls a bright hue! Paint it green or yellow for some serious mood lift, or orange to put a spring in your step.

Don’t be afraid of contrasting colors; they bring vibrancy to your space. This chair’s unique design imparts a dash of artistic flavor to this cheery corner. Take a seat and feel yourself revitalized by the lively colors.

Get the look:

Round Coffee Table, $84.40

Geometric Dinnerware, $5.20

Yellow Chair, $599


3. Toasty Warmth


If plush cushion and pillows bring out the warmth and snuggles in you, this is your look! This texture-rich armchair offers snug support as you lounge the hours away. Rich wood oozes warm luxury, while knitted pillows in earth colors bring the comfort factor to another level. Recommended accessories include warm lights and a soft cotton throw.

Get the look:

Oak Wood Holder, $26.40

Knitted Cushion, $12.30

Pink Seashell Seater, $373.30


4. Mediterranean Breeze


Wishing you were on a beach with a cocktail in your hand? Choose an area with lots of natural light and breeze. Style it up with inspiration from the sand and sea! This rocking single seater is the perfect gem to simulate a beach vacation. With accents of light wood and teal accessories, there’s no reason why you can’t bring the Mediterranean to you.

Get the look:

White Oak Single Sofa, $484.50

Abstract Plant Art, $16.60

Three-legged Wooden Coffee Table, $44.20


5. Classic Zen


This armchair in a lovely mustard yellow sets the zone for a rejuvenating Zen corner. Wood touches help keep the mood mellow while you recharge and find your inner peace. Brew a pot of tea, breathe in the aroma and feel your pressures lifted. Reduce clutter and keep accessories to a minimum. A perfect nook for some quiet meditation or light reading!

Get the look:

Fabric Sofa, $510.80

Coffee Table, $190.80

Skeleton Stool, $310.80


6. Casual Retro


Retro is all the rage and it doesn’t look like this style is going anywhere soon. Here is a subdued casual vintage look, with funky accessories to bring home the punk! Textured walls with framed pictures lay the foundation for this theme. Choose a strong color that will stand out, and complement with antique collectibles to complete the theme!

Get the look:

Geometric Coffee Table, $59.70

Nordic Single Seater, $255.60

Retro Phone Decor, $8


7. Sparkly Eclecticism


If you can’t decide on a singular theme, why not give in to your whims and fancies by choosing from a diverse style? Classic tables, modern lamps and a quirky seater completes this look! Throw in a bright color for a splash of playfulness while keeping lines clean for a touch of sophistication. Who says you can’t have the best of all worlds?

Get the look:

Geometric Coffee Table, $59.70

Industrial Floor Lamp, $92.30

Modern Cloth Sofa, $419.30


8. Nordic Flair


Give your home a touch of modern comfort with this unique Scandinavian inspired swiveling sofa. Let this blue gem of a seater transport you to the icy cold fjords of the peaceful Nordic terrain. Accessorize with geometric lines and art fixtures for a touch of effortless modern elegance and tranquility.

Get the look:

Geometric Coffee Table, $59.70

Hand-blown Glass Vase, $26.40

Single Sofa, $306.70


9. Sunny Comfort


Get serious in your comfort game with this warm mustard seater that provides cradling support for your neck and back. Matching white cabinets offer functionality and motif while foliage arrangements adds to the charm and rusticity of this set up. Why not sit back, relax and have a cup of coffee?

Get the look:

Sunny Seater, $644.20

White Cabinets, $444.20

Skeleton Stool, $310.80


We hope these ideas and themes will come in handy as you get your cosy nook project started. Check out www.sgshop.com for thousands of furniture and accessories at unbeatable prices.