11.11 & 12.12 Sale Success

Will 2017 Be Better Than 2016? We Are Sure of It.

As the year comes to a close, we figured that there is no better time to give ourselves a good pat on the back for all the progress made, reflect on what we could potentially do better and take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to our success, one way or another.

11.11 and 12.12. Seeing Double? Yeap, Double Dose of Savings. 

The last two months have been hectic as we scale up our operations to cope with rousing demands from the two epic online sales that rival Black Friday’s madness – the massive 11.11 slash down and the 12.12 fever sale for those experiencing shopping withdrawal.

Roaring Success

Though shopping ought to be therapeutic, snagging the best deal with a ticking countdown timer can be one frustrating task. We feel you.

To enhance your shopping experience, our technical team ensured that our website was primed and well-equipped to handle the influx of purchases made via both our ‘Buy For Me’ and ‘Ship For Me’ services. And true enough, we received overwhelming order volumes that far exceed our expectations.

Although the entire process was seamlessly managed, our operations team is continually raising the bar for better efficiency with additional manpower, increased warehousing space and more efficient systems to further lubricate internal workflow.

11.11 – Taobao’s Largest Online Shopping Event of The Year

Phenomenal personal records may have achieved during the 24 hours of epic markdown, but our all-time order volume has definitely soared to stratospheric  heights.

With eyes glued to the screen and round-the-clock mouse clicking in the office, our purchasing team placed a whopping 12 times more orders than our daily average.  Aside from the unbelievable number of order submissions made from our loyal shopaholics, we also welcomed 7-fold increment of new sign-ups.

As with every sale, we are aware that stocks may be limited at the suppliers’. To prevent any contingencies or hold-ups, we did some quick reshuffling in both our China and Singapore operations to process orders swiftly and securing the items at their listed price.

Nothing pleases us more than our customers’ satisfaction. And we are proud to say that we have received innumerable compliments on our smooth fulfilment. We can’t emphasise enough how much each and every virtual smiley received meant to us.

Race Against Time

Record-breaking sales and an increase in new customers are fancy validations for any businesses. But above all, we pride ourselves on our timely fulfilment, service excellence and near-zero hiccups.

Contrary to other Taobao agents, we do not merely focus on our sales figures and neglect user experience. Website crashes, delayed fulfilments and unsuccessful order placements are big no-nos for us. To stay on the competitive edge, our Customer Success team work relentlessly, tending to all emails and phone enquiries within 24 hours.

All Hail Our Stellar Team and Loyal Customers

Our success would not be possible without the excellent teamwork and effective communication between our all-star departments. So kudos to everyone from our Purchasing, Warehousing and Customer Success teams for working overtime and handling all the additional orders!

For our loyal customers, we will not be here without all your continued support. Speaking of which, an estimated 70% of our customers are repeat customers who order with us on a monthly basis! Compared to some of the larger players in the market, SGshop is honoured to stand above the rest with an unparalleled aspect – our customers’ loyalty. So besides a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, we have also etched a mental note to sprinkle 2017 with lots of sweet promotions to help stretch your dollar.

If you are a new customer who has just experienced our hassle-free Taobao purchasing services, welcome on board! We hope that you are satisfied with our services and if you have any feedback, feel free to drop us an email!

Chop-Chop Price Difference Refund

Like every mega sale fest, it is inevitable that a small handful of customers may encounter disappointment from uncontrollable factors, such as product out-of-stock or sudden price hikes from the respective Taobao sellers (but never from us!).

In the occurrence of such unfortunate scenarios, we will inform our customers promptly and offer two alternative solutions: either top up for the price difference (if product is still available) or proceed with a payment refund, which will be processed within 3 working days.

We Hear You

12.12 was another landmark sale we experienced this year. Response to the festive spree was so impressive that many of our customers requested for a sale extension. And guess what? We did just that!

Here at SGshop, communication is the secret sauce to our success. Be it praise or criticism, we believe that every feedback helps to steer us towards the right direction.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Another year may have passed, but we are totally psyched at the thought of new possibilities. As we ring in the New Year, we promise to continue flexing mind and muscle to improve our services and setting the gold standard in our industry. Here’s to a joyous Christmas and a wonderful year ahead!